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Friday, August 17, 2012

We want to be Toyologists, please! 

It's been a busy few weeks, but with tea in hand and plenty of pictures of my babies on my screen, I sat down and wrote my review as part of the application to become ToysRUs Toyologists. If you have read my blog from the beginning, you'll know I have an opinion on a lot of things and especially love raving about things when they are good, so I think I'd enjoy this as much as the kids if we got this. Anyway, I know Geoffrey and his gang will be visiting this site at some point to look at the blog (Hi Geoffrey!), so I thought I'd dedicate a post to him and also put my review up for all to see!

Emerson & Jasmine’s “Can’t Live Without” Toy…..

Taking pride of place in the centre of the playroom in all its shiny blue plastic glory is our LITTLE TIKES BLUE WHALE TEETER TOTTER. It’s a big name for a rocker, but we love it because it really does prove that “Simple is Best” – especially when it comes to a pair of active twin toddlers!

Who are we?
We are Emerson and Jasmine. We have just turned two and love nothing more than running around in the garden, scaling the heights of the climbing frame at the park and whizzing down the slide at nursery. Unfortunately, we live in a country that is rather prone to rain and this summer in particular has proven to be a very wet one, which means we end up stuck inside a lot.  Fortunately, we have a great toy that we can play with any time, come rain or shine, indoors or out.

What is it?
The Little Tikes Blue Whale Teeter Totter is a whale shaped rocker and seesaw.  There is a wave shaped platform, where we can put our feet, and two yellow handles that are just the right size for us to grab. When there is just one of us playing, we can sit in the middle and use it like a rocking horse (or should that be rocking whale?). When we both want to have a go on it, we can sit on each end and play on it like a seesaw and when our best friend Sophie comes to visit, she can sit in the middle and we can all play on it together.

Daredevil Sonny

Why we love it….
Emerson loves this toy because it is blue and he loves blue things.
Jasmine loves this toy because she can play, exercise and watch TV on it at the same time. Mummy says that girls are good at multitasking!
We love the toy because it has helped us build our confidence with trying out new activities. When Mummy first bought it, we weren’t too sure about it, but with some encouragement, we have really grown with it and now we like to show off by climbing on and off it ourselves and even doing stunts on it –  “Look! No hands!” It makes Mummy a bit scared when we start climbing and rocking at the same time, even though we know exactly what we’re doing.
Another great thing about this toy is that it is always out in the playroom, so whenever we want to, we can climb on and have a go. Our favourite time for a quick go on the rocker is just before bedtime when we’re using up the last of our energy for the day.

Why Mummy loves it (and some things she doesn’t like about it)…
Mummy loves the Teeter Totter because it is sturdy and made from tough plastic that is easy to keep clean and has no sharp edges for us to bump into. She thinks that the design of the rocking mechanism is very clever because the wide wave platform stops our little hands from getting caught underneath and the whole thing seems very safe because it is very difficult to tip it over. She also likes it because it doesn’t need batteries or make any annoying sounds.
Sometimes Mummy complains that the toy is a bit bulky and takes up too much room in the playroom, but it is light enough to be moved around and put away when she needs to tidy up. She also grumbled a bit about the price when she bought it because there are cheaper versions of it around, but really she doesn’t mind paying a little bit extra if she knows she is getting good quality and reliability from a the clever, trusted people at Little Tikes.
Most of all, Mummy loves the toy because we love it so much, it helps us get plenty of exercise and have lots of fun playing on it together

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