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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Testing the Android app with a food post 

Can't restart the blog without a food pic, so will do one whilst testing the Android blogger app.

This is Lamb Veg Greek stew-type-thing with rice from Zorbas in Manchester Arndale Centre's market food court. £4.50 a portion, which is reasonable but probably on the pricier side of lunch. Co-op staff get a free can.

The meat is beautifully soft and there's a good mix of veg in a rich tomato and herb juice and just enough of a kick to make it interesting. If you're into strong flavours, then go next door for a curry, as this is quite delicate.... ideal for my sensitive palate. Yum!!

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Dusting off the cobwebs once more! 

So much for re-starting my blog over a year ago.
No excuses really, okay, the biggest excuse was that the kids, work, facebook, lack of sleep and stupid Sims Social have consumed my life. Simple as that.

But back here again, negotiating my way around the new blogger interface and wondering how long it will be until my next blog post.

Why? 2 reasons....
1. My hubby has been re-reading my blog posts and doing a lot of reminiscing. That's kinda nice, so it will be nice to have more posts to reminisce over in the future.
2. My boss asked me to do a Myers-Briggs test today as part of some work he had to do for his management course. So as has become tradition, I must log my current state-of-mind on here for posterity. I am currently an ESTJ.

Most of my life over the last few years has been encapsulated on FB, so for those that know me, you shouldn't be too far detached from what's been going on. For those who still read this and don't know me personally, firstly - thank you and to fill you in, I have had twins and they have kept me busy.

As for today, it started out quite ominously. As I drove out of our road, I noticed a strange looking cat bounding down the road. Then I realised it wasn't actually a cat, but a rabbit. It was closely followed by another one. Pretty weird considering I live in a town. Things at work were pretty weird as well, people getting brews who don't get brews, people drinking coffee who don't usually drink coffee.... then to top it all off, the roads were full of nutters on the way home (or maybe that's just normal for Bury?).

I think I need to get back into the swing of this blog malarky, but there are too many meaningless 160-character snippets out there, so maybe it's time to take a step back and start writing stuff that's still pretty meaningless, but at the very least is made up of sentences and paragraphs. Otherwise our brains will start shrinking and we'll all turn into smartphone-wielding monkeys. Oh, hang on.... spoke too soon!