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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I'm blogging again.... 

It's pretty late and I really should be capitalising on this time to catch up on sleep, whilst my little ones are snoozing away, but I really want to capture this thought before it drifts away into the land of sleep deprivation.

I had a dream last night during a rare period of REM sleep that made me want to start writing some kind of diary again. I can't really find the time or motivation to dig out my big paper diary, so I've bitten the bullet, downloaded the app and revived my blog for this purpose.

The dream was about a race. It was my first day at 'work' but my boss had allowed me to take part in this race around a course that started in a castle-dungeon setting and then evolved into a TVB studio of sorts. Along the way, there were tasks to be completed and competitors were staggered so each person arrived at each checkpoint alone. I also had a camera and my work ID pass. As I ran this race, I remember thinking I need to hurry and complete it and get back to work. I wasn't thinking about winning it, just getting through it. The obstacles included a logic puzzle, which I painstakingly completed only to find it had been sabotaged ages ago and I could have gone straight in and picked up the next instruction had I have checked it first. Another obstacle was having to deal with a very stuck up producer and convincing him to let me pass his area. Random celebrities were dotted around the course as well as an area with some plants in.
When I finally reached the end of the course, I gathered in the waiting area to see who had won the £1000 prize. Everyone was shocked when the winner was the girl who was 16th fastest to complete the race. Then the compere explained that the race was not just about who gets to the end first, but also about the experience and what had been captured on the camera. This girl had posed with every celebrity she met along the way and even taken pictures of the insects living on the plants. The real prize for her was being able to relive each experience over and over again.

As I waited for the kettle to boil this morning for my kids' milk. I made my resolve to capture more of my life and not just whizz through without anything to show for it. I don't usually analyse my dreams, but this one had a clear enough message.

Back again! 

Back properly this time!
If you're still reading this and wondering where I've been, here is a clue....