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Friday, April 24, 2009

Why it's worth reading your emails sometimes...

A colleague of mine sent me an email for a special offer at a local restaurant this week and normally I just gloss over these circulars, but when I noticed that it was for Japanese food, my attention got grabbed and I consulted with Tony if he wanted to check it out. The Yo!Sushi outlet at Spinningfields in Manchester (that closed down mysteriously not long after it opened) has now been taken over by one of the top Japanese restaurant chains in the North West - Samsi. The offer was for 2 days only, you could get 50% off the food - either sushi off the conveyor or Samsi food from the menu.

Needless to say, we decided to go and make the most of it, so my booking was whizzed off sharply.

The decor of the place was still very reminiscent of a Yo!, so it was quite weird when we were ordering, because there was a strong urge to go a bit crazy like we normally do in a Yo! because their portions are so diddy. Fortunately, I remembered that Samsi's portions are a bit heftier and held Tony back from ordering everything on the menu. We opted for the Seafood tempura, Chicken gyoza, Steak Teriyaki & rice and a Seafood Ramen. As we were sitting opposite the sushi chef, we also plucked a couple of things off the conveyor belt and Tony watched in awe as the guy churned out his plates of sushi, rolls and sashimi. None of this machined rice malarky that we have to settle for at Yo! - proper hand pressed sushi with velvety fish being sliced with skill and precision.

Here's the guy at work...

The bill? Came in at £18.98 - fantastic!!

While I'm on the subject of food, here's a few more food pics I downloaded from my phone:

Some of Tony's BBQ food from our Easter Sunday barbecue.
Great weather, fab food, superb company and lots of wii and karaoke fun.
We couldn't have asked for more.

This is the famous jumbo cod from our local fish and chip shop - Armstrongs. It's about 2 foot long and made fresh when you order it. They even had to warn us how big it was when we asked for one each! We picked it up on the way home as a reward after finally chucking out some of my hoarded rubbish at the local tip.