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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still Shopping Through the Recession

With the recession looming and everyone tightening their belts, I haven't been in the shopping mood for a while, especially after being disappointed by some of the sales earlier in the year. Even with the mid-season sales in full swing, I couldn't muster enough energy together to go for my after-work jaunts in town. Thanks to my old friends at Debenhams, who sent me a free voucher that ran out today; a generous 20% discount voucher from Dorothy Perkins and a long day at work, I finally dragged myself into town this evening for some retail therapy and came back with quite a haul.

Among the wonderful things that my parents bestowed upon me were a pair of chunky calves, so I have pretty much resigned to the fact that most tall boots will not fit me. Even so, I still keep trying and when I checked out the boots that were in the DP sale, they had a pair of black leather boots that were discounted from £60 down to £25 (plus an extra 20% off with my "VIP" voucher). I tried them on and was amazed that they fit snugly and were quite comfortable to walk in as they were just the right height heel. Unfortunately, when I asked for the other boot, the salesgirl came out all apologetic and said that it seemed to have gone "walkabout" (pardon the pun). Then she suggested I try the brown pair that she'd found as they were cheaper. I was actually made up when I saw them, because I already have a black pair of ankle boots that I wear for work, so I much preferred the brown ones and with the amazing £16 price point, I couldn't go wrong really! Joy!! I had a gift card (Christmas pressie from sis-in-law), so I decided to capitalise on the discount and picked up a frilly top for work as well (£12 from £25). No cash spent, I left the store happily with £85 worth of stuff and £2 left on my gift card.

The Debenhams voucher was only valid against non-sales items, so after much hunting around for something worth getting, I ended up spending it on a £5 vest top, which meant I effectively got it for free. I did take a look through the sales stuff, but there wasn't anything I really wanted aside from a pretty John Rocha party dress (£45 from £90) and I didn't buy that because I have nothing to wear it to just yet. So I just got a supersoft pink jumper (half price at £6) to wear to work on Pink Thursdays, but I'm not 100% sure if it's actually pink or peach. Dodgy eyesight.

Yay another great spree, but I'm not really helping the economy by spending just £6 of real money. Oh well, even the thrifty have to cut back a bit in this climate...