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Friday, October 03, 2008

Mid-season Sales & Bargain Hoodie Heaven

The Debenhams mid-season sale was on this week and as usual, I headed down there brandishing my extra 10% off sale prices discount card and all my vouchers for freebies that I'd been sent. I've been really tired after some really long, busy days at work recently though, so I didn't hang about as long or do as many circuits of the store as I normally do. Maybe because of the dreaded credit crunch as well, the items in the sale just weren't that appealing. In the end, I came away with two necklaces from the Jon Richard Simply Silver range - one was a crystal heart drop and the other was a diddy star shape with a small crystal embedded in it - for £4.50 each. Well, it qualified me to get my free Green & Blacks chocolates and free samples of the new Christine Aguilera perfume, so it wasn't a bad hoard for £9.

Then, today whilst walking off a mini-celebratory dinner at Yo! Sushi, Tony and I wandered down to check out the sale at House of Fraser. We weren't really going in to buy anything, but we saw that the storecard holders got an extra 10% off sale prices, I had a little root around and dug out and dusted down my Recognition card that I hadn't used for about 6 years. As it happened, they had closed down my account, but the nice Chinese saleslady was more than happy to re-open my account (and claim the commission!). Then after a bit of a delay and a computer crash and then a pricing error, re-key and a little more discount for having to wait, we finally ended up getting a Ralph Lauren polo hoodie for Tony that was down from £110 to just £25! Then Tony insisted I bought something for myself too, so we headed up to the ladies section, where I acquired my second Bench hoodie that was down from £45to a cool £20.50 (see pic).

It's a grey zip up that is plain on one side, but reverses to a yellow print with loads of little doodles in the pattern. I do quite like a lot of Bench stuff, but as you know, I can't justify paying the designer premium, so this was a real chance find, especially as it fit me too! My first Bench hoodie (white with brown/pink design) has received a lot of compliments, so I hope this new one will be well-received as well!! Anyway, I think it's cool and it's even cooler that play.com are still selling said hoodie for £39.99! hahaha.....