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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Manchester City Centre Still Best For Shopping

In an attempt to stop myself from going mouldy in the house or spending time looking fruitlessly for a dream house, we decided to go to Liverpool to check out the latest venue where people can go and spend their hard-earned cash. The Liverpool One shopping centre in Paradise Street opened its doors last week with a visit from the Queen herself, so we thought we'd go and have a look.

Landing in Scouseland at around lunchtime, we dropped by on my folks and then had some great food at the Tea House in Bold Street. The food quality there had gone downhill last time I went, but it looks like they have a new chef and the portions have gotten significantly larger. Tony was impressed with his massive dish of Curry Beef Brisket Rice. I had Char Siu Wan Tan Ho Fun, but could have done without the Wan Tan, which were a bit cardboardy. Char Siu was lovely though.

The new shopping centre was okay - kind of like the Trafford Centre, but without the marble and the roof. It was a lovely day, so the open air feel wasn't too bad, but I can imagine it being pretty miserable if it was raining. Definitely a design flaw having the seating area out in the open. Also like the TC, there is a John Lewis at one end and a Debenhams at the other. I set out looking for a present for my Grandma and a Fathers Day present for my dad, plus a little treat for myself as it was pay day last week. Things didn't go too well though - apart from the money for the meal, I spent a total of £2.80 that afternoon on 2 ice creams and a bottle of water. Don't know why, but the shopping formula just didn't work out that day.

The shopping trip continued in the evening, when we actually went to the Trafford Centre to try and track down some Yardley stuff I wanted to get for my Grandma. Another hour or so, no joy either and migraine had set in, so we went for a steak (courtesy of Tesco clubcard) and went home.

Then yesterday afternoon, I was feeling quite spritely after work, so I decided to wander straight on past the bus stop to go and see if I could get my Grandma's pressie from the Arndale Centre. In the space of an hour and a bit, I'd tracked down the 2 presents and even picked up something for myself. Just goes to show that you don't have to go to very far for the things that you want. Manchester City Centre is still THE BEST place to go shopping in the North West.

My treat for myself (has to be a bargain!!) was a pair of Caterpillar boots (since my old pair are still caked in Derbyshire mud) for £35 (pic above) and a yellow egg cup £1.24. Good eh?