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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horoscope advice...

Aquarius (Jan21-Feb19)
In all truth if someone isn't being honest with you, you cannot fight against what you don't know or understand. When other people are being awkward, at least be sure to let your yes be yes and your no be no. That way they can't accuse you of being deliberately deceitful. If you sense storm clouds are gathering in a professional relationship it might be better to make sure your work is completely up to date and to keep well out of the way of those who are looking to cause trouble.

Russell Grant was spot on again today as I got another public bashing from one of my colleagues in a meeting this afternoon. Coupled with being really tired from hay fever, it left me in a pretty foul mood. Why can't people just keep their noses out of what you're doing and just concentrate on their own agenda. I have no ambitions at the moment; I am no threat to anyone - so just leave me and my sensitive disposition alone!!!!

I will follow the advice from Mr Grant, keep my head down and get on with my work....


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yobs, Earthquake, Bargains & Chocolate!

The past few days have been pretty crazy around here with hundreds of thousnds of Rangers fans descending on Manchester, where I happen to work. I walked through Piccadilly Gardens on Tuesday afternoon after a training day at the other office and the fans were already there. Most of them were just enjoying the sunshine, but some of them were quite menacing and there were plenty walking around with beers and cans.

Yesterday morning, I arrived at work at around 8am and there were already plenty of fans wandering around in the town centre in search of alcohol. My offices are on the outskirts of the city centre, but even there, they were wandering around searching for a pub. By the time I finished work at 4pm, pictures were already being circulated like the one up there, showing that the whole of the town centre was packed out with Scots. Trams and buses were suspended and I was a little worried about whether I had to walk half way home to avoid the crowds. Fortunately, I glanced out of the office to see that the bus station was clear of fans, so I got a slow bus, which became a very slow bus when it got caught in the traffic. My 25 minute journey became 1 hour and 15 minutes!!

After watching "The Apprentice" last night, we checked the score and when we found out that Rangers had lost, we commented that the riots would be on in town. We weren't wrong!! I'm quite indifferent about the footy fans really, based on the number of them in the city, the trouble could have been a lot worse, but then again it was a pretty major disruption to those of us who live and work in the city.

What I do care more about is the massive loss of life in the China Earthquake. As the initial shock fades and the rescue efforts continue, there are now questions about the corruption and shoddy work that caused schools to crumble whilst luxury apartments remain standing. The reporter said that these people face execution - and so they should, if they have not already suffered the consequences through the loss of their loved ones or their own lives.

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Today was a 'free chocolate day'!
It started in the morning when I picked up a mid-morning Kitkat from the vending machine to keep me going until lunchtime. I put my 45p in the machine and it decided to be extra generous and give me 2 for the price of 1!! I resisted the temptation to eat them both today though and will save the second one for tomorrow.

Then this evening I paid a visit to Debenhams to take advantage of their summer spectacular sale. The temptation of getting 25% off, a free £5 gift voucher AND a box of Lily O'Brien's chocolates was just too much, so I made up an excuse of needing some looser fitting work tops for the summer and to accommodate my recent episode of bloating to justify my shopping trip. Anyway, after nearly an hour of browsing my favourite concessions, I picked up a few nice, but cheapish tops for work (as you know, I don't go for expensive clothing) that just took me over the £30 limit and went to pay. Then when the woman had put everything through and saw my voucher, she said "Oh, you need to spend £30 for that - you have only spent £23.25 so far!" I was pretty surprised, but went off to search for something else worth about £7 to take me back over the limit. It wasn't easy!! After another half an hour of wandering around, I finally came back with a summer hoodie for £8. The total came to £31.25 - apparently one of the tops I had chosen that was labelled up as £16 was older stock and had been reduced to just £6!!

Here is what I got - I'm still not through with my brown phase yet!
Frilly vest: £3.75, Mock cardigan blouse: £6, Flowery blouse & white vest set: £13.50, Grey flowery hoodie: £8
With even Debenhams pulling bargains like this out of the bag, I don't need to go and fight with the masses at Primark any more!

I'll end this post with more chocolate - this is the lovely gunky gooey brown stuff that we got as part of my trip to Cadbury World that my hubby arranged for our anniversary treat a couple of weeks ago. I then had an amazing massage and facial - it was a lovely day! *mwah* to Tony!!

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