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Sunday, April 20, 2008

哪吒回家 Nezha Comes Home

曲:黃家強 詞:周耀輝 編:黃家強 監:黃家強
Music: Steve Wong Lyrics: Chow Yiu Fai

贈我名字姓氏 和我日夜見面 你明白我嗎
望見爸爸的膊 望見媽媽的背 我懷念極大
還會沉默吃飯 未會誠實說話 我逃避你嗎
就怪代溝的錯 就怪時光的錯 我情願未大

很久已沒暢談 (約會多 電視花)
終於會內疚吧 (內疚到 似哪吒 要回家)
很久已沒坦白 (虔敬到 叫爸爸 叫媽媽)
終於再擁抱嗎 (不如再親近好嗎)

或有沉重往事 或有華麗信念 我明白你嗎
望見爸爸的眼 望見媽媽的髮 我遺憾極大
習慣沉默太耐 忘記誠實太耐 你原諒我嗎
就怪代溝的錯 就怪時光的錯 我情願未大

越來越難 是麻木還是怕 竟那麼隔 想了解那麼難
越來越忙 是時候就回家 竟有一剎 想削骨如哪吒

Giving me my name, See me night and day, Do you Understand me?
Watching dad's shoulder, Watching mum's back, I am filled with memories
Still dining in silence, Not able to speak truthfully, Am I evading you?
Generation gap at fault, Time is at fault, I'd rather I didn't grow up

It has been a while since we chatted - Too many appointments, TV is fuzzy
Finally I feel regret - So much like Nezha I have to go home
Too long since I was frank - so much I call for dad, call for mum
Finally can we embrace? Or just get close again?

Maybe we have deep experiences, Or beautiful beliefs, Do I understand you?
Watching dad's eyes, Watching mum's hair, My regrets are massive
Used to silence for too long, Forgotten honesty for too long, Will you forgive me?
Generation gap at fault, Time is at fault, I'd rather I didn't grow up

Harder and harder, Is it numbness or fear, So distant now, So difficult to understand
Busier and busier, Is it time to go home, A sudden moment, I want to slice my bones like Nezha

[In Chinese mythology, Nezha did a great wrong and in a moment of regret and to avoid implicating his parents, he sliced his bones in sacrifice.]


Some sad news from a good friend and coming across this song at karaoke yesterday reminded me that with everything going on in life, we still need to make time for our parents. Once you've flown the nest and have your own life, your own family and your own home - it's only too easy to become so absorbed in your own little bubble and forget about the people out there who really matter.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jackie Chan ad for Woolworths - So Hilarious!!

Whilst clearing out my spam mail today, I came across one that directed me to the Woolworths website to watch a Jackie Chan clip. I clicked on it out of curiosity and found myself shocked for a moment and then reeling on the floor.

How can one of Hong Kong's greatest ever film stars stoop to the depths of this????
Even if they paid him handsomely, surely he doesn't need the money!!
Maybe his agent was playing a terrible joke on him.
Who knows...