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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lots Of Little Bits Of Shit

On the whole, my life has been going quite well over the last few months. Work is getting busier, but more enjoyable because I am finally getting my head down into some proper, challenging and varied work and getting recognised for it. Other things are moving along and I managed to go for a massage on my extended birthday fun weekend at the beginning of the month (more about that later) without the therapist telling me how stressed I am.

Why is it that just when you think everything is going well that all these other petty little things come along and mount up together to start stressing you out? Am I really trying too hard to be the nice person perhaps? When people who don't truly appreciate what you do for them start throwing your hard work and good heart back at you by being totally ungrateful, overly critical, showing you their bruised egos, making unreasonable demands and doing nasty little actions behind your back - are you meant to feel terrible? Or am I just being overly sensitive again?

Still, for me to wake up in the morning on a Sunday when I could do loads of really constructive stuff and just feel: "Sod it, I'll just stay in bed with a pack of prawn crackers, a vitasoy and my TVB DVD's." - can't be a good thing.

Ok, moan over, let me blog about some nice things!

My friend Su joined me for an extended birthday weekend at the beginning of the month and we made sure we packed it full of loads of fun stuff, including going to a Boy George concert, a Wii, karaoke and cake party, a walk in the Derbyshire peak district and then a wonderfully relaxing spa day. Oh, and plenty of CSI watching in the evenings!

The pic up there is of me on a hill near Bakewell. We went on a 4 mile walk over some small hills which were covered in mud, but it was great fun and it was nice to spend time with Su and get some fresh air. Of course, we made sure that we rewarded ourselves at the end of the trek when we got back to Bakewell and got some cream tea, toasties and bakewell tart. And as usual, here are some food pics:

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