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Friday, October 26, 2007

Wispa is back!

When I was a kid and scoffing chocolate every day on the bus on the way home from school, my favourite chocolate bar was the Wispa. When they went experimental on it in the 90's, then sales fell and they ended up taking it off the market. However, with the emergence of Facebook, many like-minded Wispa lovers campaigned for its return and faced with a couple of setbacks in the past few years, Cadbury's finally did the right thing and listened to the masses, bringing Wispa back onto the shelves of our confectioners.

As I was a member of the Facebook group campaigning for the return of the Wispa, I found myself on Cadbury's mailing list and they wrote to us asking if we'd like a freebie. Of course, I wasn't going to say no and with the postal strikes finally over, Mr Postie brought me my Wispa and my "I Saved Wispa" badge today.

Wuhoo! I'm all happy now... yes, I am so easily satisfied!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Toys

Felt a sudden urge to buy something this weekend - I think it was because I haven't been shopping properly since I got back from my hols and I needed some respite from a week of shittyhormones. So, despite the rainy weather, I ventured out yesterday and came home with a couple of new jumpers and a pair of trousers for work and this:

The game is great fun and as I'd been pondering whether or not to get a PS2 just to play Singstar on it, now I don't need to. I hope they release more songs on this in the future - I'll definitely be in the queue for it! After a couple of hours playing this game, it confirmed that I am much better at singing than I am at dancing! My highest score is on 80's songs such as "Stars" and "Karma Chameleon"... showing my age here!!

Then after going for dim sum with hubby and mum-in-law today, we ventured down to the phone shop to see what I should get for my upgrade this year. I had actually already decided and would have got it yesterday if the shop in Bury was not out of stock. So I came home with this:

... and what was even better was that it was FREE! Now I don't need to get a new camera either! My gadget genes are truly satisfied this weekend!!