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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Em the Scriptwriter!

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Here is my attempt at writing the words to Siuhak's comic strip (see http://siuhakfans.blogspot.com/) - apologies to any purists out there, I couldn't find a lot of the colloquial words, so the soundalikes will have to do!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Packing it all in...

In the words of Russell Grant on my horoscope today:
"A breeze of change is starting to waft through your life and it will help to keep abreast of developments."
I don't know where this guy got his crystal ball from but it's definitely top of the range. Since the beginning of June, my life has been through so many changes; new job, new working hours, renewed interest in reading, daily reflection in my morning bus journeys and my latest venture - closing down TVBspace and launching my evening commitment into the pages of the new site. (Not sure if I can mention the name of it yet, so I won't just yet.) The last few days have been getting my head round the writing style of said publication and having to digest and assimilate the electronic version of the blue pencil all over my work. It's quite different from the informal banter of TVBspace, but I guess it's good training for me, so when the day comes for me to hang up my numbers head and make a living out of tapping away on a keyboard to create words instead of data tables, I will be well-[repared. Incidentally, the guy who vacated my current job for me to come in left the job to become a full time writer - is that an omen?

The salivary gland problem I had at Easter came back this week, so I was suffering from swollen gums all week. It's settled down a lot now, but that coupled with hay fever has zapped my energy, so in the past few days at work, especially just after lunch, I have been doing Homer impressions at my desk (okay, not with my feet up, but snoozing all the same) and then suffering severe paranoia about my colleagues seeing me dropping off.

Talking of new stuff - here is a shopping update that is a bit late. I bought myself a new bag as a reward for getting a new job. I'm not really one to spend a lot of money on handbags - my last few bags were all around the £10 mark - but I do like the design and practicality of Kipling bags, so after a lot of umming and aahing, I decided to go and take a look. I came across this one in the shop and it was perfect for carrying my stuff to work and back and after about half an hour in the shop trying to convince myself it is worth the £49 price tag, I finally treated myself to the most expensive handbag I have bought for myself. My justification was that if I am using it every day, then I'll get good value from it. That, and I have the monkey to keep me company on the bus.

In need of some stimulation during my bus journey, apart from reading my books (currently reading spy novel "Good News Bad News" by David Wolstenholme), I have made a few observations:

1. The 135 is a social animal. It moves in shoals of at least three or in the case of this afternoon, there were five of them within 10 minutes of each other... shame they were in the opposite direction.

2. The 135 also doubles as a sardine can as the drivers have a sadistic game that they play called 'pack-as-many-passengers-into-the-bus-as-you-can-then-drive-slowly-so-that-the-empty-bus-behind-can-drive-past-and-taunt-all-the-sweaty-people'.

3. The 135 cleaners don't use detergent or air fresheners. Instead, they spray a special odour on the bus that enhances body odour and attracts every insect possible through the small gap in the window to agitate further the already heavily agitated passengers.

4. The very loud bell does not tell the driver to stop because he seems oblivious to it until you ring it a few times and he curses you by shouting: "Stop p*ssing about with the bell!" It is merely very loud to annoy people and wake you up when you want to take a nap.

5. Copies of the Metro are provided for passengers to use as a sign to other passengers that they are not interested in chatting randomly. If you don't use it, you run the risk of being targeted by the random-chat brigade who insist on moaning to you about the weather/the bus/the time/global warming/life in general*
*delete as appropriate.

My study continues... I will post further findings here later.

TVB-wise, I have been watching "The Family Link". Well-written, light-hearted and some superbly convincing acting as ever from Sheren Tang and Kiki Sheung. I haven't really watched any of Cecilia Yip's other series - now I know why. Still, Derek and Kenneth made up for things and seeing Michael dressed in that negligee was interesting!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Bunnies...

My sis brought my attention to this today:

Looks so cool - better start saving up my pennies... or if it's out by Christmas, maybe Santa will be generous!!


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Aargh... need to get stuff off my chest before I go to sleep............

- People on ebay - If the post office decides to go on strike and we do not post stuff every day, then that's not a reason to send me stroppy messages. If you want your stuff so urgently, then go out to the shops and buy them AT FULL PRICE!!!
- Ungrateful readers of my news articles - first you ask me to add article titles, then you bloomin' complain about them being 'irrelevant' or 'not making sense' ... if your grasp of English is as poor as your grasp of Chinese, then maybe you should just skip the words and look at the pictures, you might get more enjoyment and save me some time if you did that
- Demanding relatives... 'phone me for instructions and just do it'... sorry, did I not tell you that I have a full time job and plenty of other stuff to do or am I just forgetting that the world revolves around you and you alone? Oh and if my opinion is irrelevant, then don't bloomin' ask me for it...
- Uber-competitive work colleagues playing human table football at a 'team-building event' ... you are supposed to kick the ball, not my shins!!! I now have a 2 inch by 3 inch bruise on my leg, but no-one cares that I am in pain...

Ok it was more than 60 seconds, but I feel a bit better now....