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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bargain of the Week 2 - Justifying my Earlier Foolish Purchase

I bought 'The Movies' PC game as a Christmas present for myself last year and I think I paid near enough the full asking price for it, which is around £19.99 at the time. I don't think I have played it enough to justify that, but after buying my new PC, the speed that it runs at is much more enjoyable, so I might just try getting my money's worth out of it when I break for Christmas.

Anyway, the reason why this game is here for Bargain of the Week is thanks to a post on the MSE site, where an eagle-eyed moneysaver has spotted that PC World is selling this game for the unbelievable price of just 97p. When there is a bargain as good as this, I am always up for it, so I checked out my local branch, put my order in off the internet and managed to get my hands on the last four in my nearest store. When I picked them up, they still had the £19.99 price label on them and the sales assistant's eyes nearly popped out when the 97p price came up on his till. He seemed so gutted! Hahaha! I don't need them as such, but they'll do as Christmas presents for my cousins or something to throw into the Secret Santa at work, or I could even make a couple of quid by chucking them onto ebay.

Maybe I will go around and take a tour of my local PC World branches to see if there are any more 97p offers to be had!


Thursday, November 23, 2006


This is a handy clip for those people who have to live around me at certain times of the month....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Em's Bargain of the Week - Part 1 - Getting overexcited about Shower Gel

If you're like me and working hard for the ultimate goal of a mortgage-free life, you'll know that every penny saved is a little step towards your ambition. Unfortunately, living in the world of 'Ripoff Britain', saving money isn't always easy, not that I'm gonna compete with the excellent Money Saving Expert site, but I'll share any money-saving snippets I come across here with everyone and let myself get overexcited with my penny pinching schemes! Hahaha...

Anyway, the first item to make it onto the list of "Em's Economies" is this one:

Boots Basics Shower Gel - 35p (plus you even get 2p back on your advantage card!)

We came across this in our local Boots store, which isn't really known for bargains as even the BOGOF offers can work out more expensive than your supermarket for most things, but this and the rest of the Boots Basics range is a find! Unless you have special skin, then a shower gel is a shower gel really and this clear blue gel smells quite fresh, the scent isn't overpowering and foams up as well as the standard Boots shower gels. Okay so it doesn't claim to help you to de-stress or have aromatherapy properties, but hey it gets you clean and it all still gets washed down the plughole anyway. If this doesn't interest you, other products in the range include 2 toothbrushes for just 28p, toothpaste 29p a tube and for the ladies 30 panty liners for 29p! Can't get fairer than that!

Shoppers away!! 'Til next time...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not funny really but hilarious....

I saw this report on the news this evening and even though it's probably not funny for the drivers in question, as a pedestrian and bus user, I found it rather amusing. The story is about some stupid drivers who think it's clever to try and drive into a pedestrianised zone in Manchester by tailgating a bus, but then find themselves getting speared by bollards. The whole thing is captured on CCTV and has been aired for all to view their utter stupidity.

You can watch the video clips here:


The other thing that brought a smile to my face on Saturday was when I was crossing the motorway bridge near my house on my way to the post office. The bridge crosses 8 lanes of traffic and it was fairly busy on that morning. There was this little kid on the bridge, his mum had already finished crossing the bridge, but he was hanging about, playing real life 'Frogger' with the traffic. I just found that soooo sweet! The bridge usually makes me quite nervous because the speeding traffic below gives the illusion that the bridge is swaying, so seeing the little kid took my mind off things and made my bridge crossing the most enjoyable one yet!

Pumpkin time... time for bed!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Free Wii!!

Dear Customer,

Due to a European shortage of the Nintendo Wii Consoles, we regret to inform you that we will be unable to supply your pre-ordered Nintendo Wii at launch. As an Official distributor of Nintendo products we are guaranteed more stock before Christmas, but Nintendo have informed us, along with all other official Nintendo retailers, that the console will not be freely available until next year.

All pre-orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and we will fulfil your order as soon as we can.

Hmm... does this mean that there will be a massive market for inflated prices for Wii's on Ebay? I placed my order at lunchtime on Day 1 of launch, so I should be quite high up on the list and hey, if I can double my money and in effect get my Wii for free, then I don't mind waiting an extra few months for my machine. Hahaha... My colleague is laughing all the way to the bank because he pre-ordered SEVEN of them from various places to make sure he got one. He was going to cancel the ones he didn't need, but now he's looking at a tidy profit if he gets them all fulfilled!!

Back to work again, the week in Liverpool kinda flew by. It was nice to be back with the sibs again, even though everyone ends up doing their own thing in the evenings. Managed another trip to the cinema whilst I was there and we caught the Borat film. We've been fans of him from the TV show, so we really enjoyed it, even though it was pretty obvious which scenes were staged and which were 'real'. Still wanna catch 'Open Season' and waiting for the new Aardman/Dreamworks collaboration 'Flushed Away' - looks really good in the trailers.

Been mad busy back at normal work - loads of people off sick at the moment with various ailments, so the rest of us have to work extra hard to make sure all the work gets done. As a result, the bosses have been extra careful not to upset everyone and it's been fairly smooth running despite the pressure. I don't mind it being busy, the days fly by and when you get stuck into what you're doing, you look up and it's lunchtime, then you look up again and it's time to go home.

Winter's really setting in now, can't believe it's November again. One good thing about being back to GMT is that the HK papers update an hour earlier, so I can get my news translations done an hour earlier and have a bit more time to myself before bedtime to chill out, write my blog and watch my series and stuff. Still watching "Land of Wealth" and am re-watching 80's series "It Runs in the Family" (Stephen Chow and Sean Lau) that I bought on VCD. Funny stuff!

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