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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Double take...

This has kept me amused all night. It's just uncanny....


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dodgy Ankle, British Heatwave, Random Number Generation, A Good Soaking and Dr Koo...

Pretty much sums up the last three weeks for me really.

I actually injured my ankle in February when I twisted it after tripping on a hole in the pavement outside work on a dark evening on the way to the car park. It was quite a bad fall and I ended up flat on my face in a muddle puddle and even the car driving past stopped to either laugh or make sure I was okay before driving off. The weird thing about my injury is that when I am standing up or walking, then it doesn't hurt. It's only when I am either lying down or sitting cross legged in a certain position when it starts to ache really badly. This usually coincides when I am sitting cross legged on my chair at my PC in the evenings. I really should go and see a doctor about it, but I am only reminded of the pain at night when the doctor's surgery is closed. Must have done some lasting damage to just one ligament or tendon in my ankle for it to be so temperamental.

Weather's been really hot in the UK in July. As soon as we hit August, it won't stop raining. Not that I am complaining because we can finally get some decent sleep without sticking to the bed in the mornings or having to risk eating or being eaten by moths and other insects by sleeping with the fan on max and the window wide open. (I am scared of birds flying in!) If these hot summers keep coming, will have to seriously think about investing in some aircon for the house. British houses are nicely insulated for the winter, but when it comes to summer, they just turn into human sized ovens.

Tis the season for random number generation as we renew our car and house insurance policies for another year. How the companies come up with these premiums is totally beyond me. When the quotes I get range from £280 to £480 for the same car and the same people and the same cover, it just proves my theory that they just use a random number generator to create these prices! Madness...

Went on our company outing to Alton Towers a couple of weeks ago - nice day out with my sibs and sis-in-law-to-be. My sis gives a better account of this on her blog, so I won't say much more apart from the fact we get totally soaked as we stood in a thunderstorm in a queue for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride. My semi-waterproof jacket was no match for the gallons of water that was chucked on us by the heavens and I was wet through. It was a fun day though and it was nice of my company to pay for most of it!

On the TVB front, I have been watching "Forensic Heroes" and as I'd expected, I really enjoyed it. Great to see the return of Florence Kwok and of course the company of 'Dr Koo'. Having recently gotten into the world of CSI after catching a few episodes on satellite TV, this series just came at the right time and I thought that everything about it just fell into place really well. Even Linda Chung was bearable as she appears to have de-squeaked herself and found herself a bit of a personality on the screen. Great stuff and well worthy of its 43 points! Just started on "Men in Pain" today and the first two episodes are promising. I am quite a fan of Louisa So and Ron's performance is an eye-opener, why after watching this series I may even grow to like him! (Or maybe it's just the floppy hair that I have a soft spot for...)

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