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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome to the Sims House!

Hahaha... yes I have been a little distracted for the last couple of nights, so the news pages are a little thin on the ground. The reason? Well you've probably guessed, I have my desktop back and I have some catching up to do with my Sims.

With my recent fixation on the TVB sitcom "Welcome to the House", then who better to start rebuilding Sim TVB City with?

Here's some pics...

Ko Family 1 - this is Ko Hing, See Tau Por, Ko Yau Yi and Ko Yau Ching.
I couldn't quite get the occupations right for this lot, so Yau Yi is currently a medic and Yau Ching is a scientist. Maybe if I get a chance I will move Yau Yi into the business career path. See Tau Por looks a bit old cos they automatically make the elders look grey. There is obviously no such thing as hair dye in the Sims world.

Ko Family 2 - this is Ko Yau Pang, Ah Fan, Ah Mer and Ko B

Ko Yau Pang - he isn't quite a chef yet. At the moment he is a security guard (hon gaan!) - maybe one day he will manage to get onto the Culinary career ladder.

Ah Mer - he is in the military, hence the uniform. It was the nearest career path I could get to DHL... close enough (and it makes enough money for him to afford a computer in his room).

This is Ah Fan in the bath. She's a bit pregnant at the moment, so all she does is eat, puke and bathe. She doesn't quite have enough body points to do yoga just yet, but when she does, I'll take another picture of her doing her stuff. She is on the Athlete career path, but not sure if Yoga instructor features in there at all. She looked really daft when she worked as a mascot though!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why playing The Sims is good for me....

I hit a void this afternoon. I was supposed to be chilling, so I decided not to go out and spend any money, but after all the translations are done and when there is no-one online to talk to, I have no tapes to watch and the telly has been taken over by my tennis and football watching husband anyway, I am left on my computer wondering what to do. Normally I would flick on The Sims and spend a couple of hours living out the lives of my electronic people, but with the death of my desktop and my lappy refusing to let me play, then I am kinda stuck with surfing the net. As a result, I end up window-shopping and that naturally leads to me spending more money anyway. Damn.....

Fortunately, I have acquired a new desktop - found a decent bargain, which should be with me next week. Hoorah! Hopefully I can play my games again on it and stop spending frivolously.

Italy won the World Cup!
Well, Tony is happy....
My fantasy league team finished 9507th place in the international league and 90th in the site league! Hahaha, no prizes there then!