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Thursday, March 30, 2006

You turn 30 and the world goes mad...

People who keep up with me through my blog must be wondering if I have turned 30 and then disappeared off the face of the earth as it's been two months since I last blogged. The reality is that the last two months have just been a crazy hectic haze that I can barely remember. A combination of work, travel, ebay, TVB and hormone control has not left me with very much time to do much else, so all the stuff that somehow I used to find time to do, like blogging, translating and posting has had to be shelved.

Things turn out in funny ways though and my net journey took a bit of a turn after writing a couple of reviews for Tripadvisor, when I came across the forums there all about travelling and stuff. After wandering about and sticking my oar in with my comments, I remembered that I hadn't been pulling my weight over at spcnet lately, especially after SC's generosity with her Christmas gift to her mods. So I returned to my 'online ancestral village' and did a cleanout of my forums. I've been thinking of doing a bit of a revival with my site, so this might be the motivation I've needed to get my arse into gear, but I need to think carefully about what kind of commitment and format I'm gonna take. There's too many similar sites now out on the internet market after the boom of the last couple of years, so I need to keep things fresh, but not have to spend too much of my thirties tap tap tapping on my keyboard. Wait and see....

Quick online diary update (just in case I lose my memory in my old age):

Chinese New Year was fun as usual, standing out in an exceptionally cold January chill and writing 'Hannah' and 'Ethan' in Chinese for the 50th time. Birthday was relatively quiet - spent in Yo! Sushi with my dearest, scoffing sashimi and teriyaki - shame there was no tempura. Valentine's Day was spent packing, as I flew out to Hong Kong and Penang the following day on a semi-holiday, chaperoning my gran and mother-in-law and acting tour guide for a friend. Trip was interesting for many reasons, but I really enjoyed talking to my gran and hearing her recount so many stories about her youth and experiences. I learned so much about the history of my family and also realised that a lot of my personality traits (including stubbornness and pride) have been borne out of my grandma. Eye-opening stuff!

After returning from Hong Kong, life has been work, cook, eat, TVB, sleep, work, cook, eat, TVB, sleep... and so on, with work taking up the majority of my time and energy. That's the thing when people realise you have become competent at your work, they start piling on the responsibility and your 9 hours at work becomes packed from end to end. Just holding out for a decent bonus at the end of June now. (Fingers crossed...)

Roll on Easter when I go travelling again... oh this is the life! Hahaha...

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