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Sunday, January 29, 2006

May the year of the dog bring you good health, prosperity and much joy and happiness!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!


Monday, January 09, 2006

First post of 2006...

Happy New Year!

Okay, I am a tad late seein' as it's already the 9th, but better late than never eh?
The Christmas and New Year break flew by without saying much. Had a good time flitting between families and spending hours with my husband on the M62 between Manchester and Liverpool and even managed to catch an old friend at the Christmas party at the local community centre/ my old Chinese School. Cool pressies included a brand spanking new monitor, i-Pod nano and Sensible Soccer. Also got my fair share of smellies and random ornamental things, but fortunately no socks.

As far as new year's resolutions go, I only made one this year. That's to make sure I take my breaks at work and stop working through from start to lunch and from lunch to end. Already broken that in the first week, really gotta stop caring so much about my work - it's bad for my health (and sanity). Just re-read that and it sounds like such a negative thing for me to say in the second week of the year! My horoscope says its a weird year for dragons, full of ups and downs and changes, so I'll just ride the waves. Time to put my chicken pendant back on again. I'm not superstitious really, but it doesn't hurt to put your mind at rest and the chicken's quite cute! (Piyo Piyo alarm clock is back on my desk as well. Obessive, moi?)

Not quite like this, but similar...

Had a nice surprise after picking up my TVB mags at the weekend. They've been raiding the archives and doing mini profiles on some of the 'en vogue' stars and the first two in the limelight happen to be my two fave TVB actors since I became a fan in the 80's: Ekin Cheng and Roger Kwok. As I've been following their progress since I was only ickle, it was kinda weird looking back at the photos and saying to myself: "I remember that series..." before reading the text and being reminded what the series was about. Great stuff! Finished watching "Real Kung Fu" and have started on Ekin's "Always Ready". Shirley Yeung's performance is pretty cool in this series, unusually feisty - vast improvement on her first attempt in "Angels". I laughed when I saw that TVB have finally fished out "Greed Mask" from the depths of their warehouses just because Roger's in favour. It was a pretty good series too, except for the really cheesy ending. Nothing worse than getting to the end of a good suspense-filled murder mystery to find that the author couldn't be bothered to think of a decent ending and just decided to make it all into a farce. Series I am anticipating for this year are "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion" (stupid TVB titles rule!), "Forensic Heroes", "Au Revoir Shanghai" and that 'Strong Sword' series - Sharon Chan looks so good as an evil bitch!

24 days and counting...
6/50 - I need to get a move on...

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