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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hibernation Mode

I am sure I was a reptile or a bear in a former life. That's why when winter sets in, I go into 'Hibernation Mode' and all I want to do is sleep or stay under my duvet all day. Unfortunately, Christmas and the New Year are always the busiest time for me and with the "No leave in January" rule firmly in place for our team, I can only wish away the days and hope that February comes sooner than later.

The news site is currently firmly wedged at the back of my mind, as I enjoy "Life Made Simple", wrapping Christmas presents, writing annual letters and Christmas cards, making some Christmas cash on ebay and taking my power naps. I wrote a two-page letter to an old friend in Malaysia last night and it made me realise once again how long it has been since I actually picked up pen and paper and put my thoughts down. My Chinese language skills have just gone completely down the pan and it took an awfully long time to string my sentences together. To think that when I was about 15, I could write about 3 of these letters in a night as well as do my homework, watch "Star Trek: TNG" AND have a power nap. As the big 3-0 draws closer and closer, I am starting to feel my age now...

Got another new toy last weekend - a Kenwood Frothie drinks maker. Just put all your ingredients into the machine, hit the button and 9 minutes later (worth the wait), you get a sweet, hot, frothy and scrumptious hot chocolate drink made for you. All you have to do is put your cup underneath and flick the dispenser. If only everything in life could be so simple!

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