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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Tibby is my mother-in-law's cat.
Tibspace is dedicated to him.
It's probably the only cat in the world that I know well enough to stroke.
It also thinks its a dog...

When you give him loads of affection, he relishes it:

More from Tibby later...


Jeez - has it been so long since I last blogged?
It says 1am down there, but as we're in British Summer Time (THIS IS A LIE - WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR SUMMER YET....) then it's actually 2am. After 5 hours doing one circuit of Cheshire Oaks today, I am pretty tired and my body is on the brink of shutting down, but my mind is super active right now and it is not letting me go to sleep. Nor is it letting me get on with this week's news, so what better than some mindless ramblings to try and sort it out.

Even Ebay is boring this evening... bid godammit!!!

Okay, what's been happening in my life?
Well, HK was pretty cool. Plenty of shopping, eating, shopping, star-spotting, eating, shopping... and did I mention shopping and eating? Caught up with some old friends and met up with Rana (www.misshkbeauties.com) for the first time over a Starbucks and exchanged some pleasant conversation about Dae Jang Geum, cameras and meeting strangers for the first time.

After coming back from HK, there were four weeks of manic mayhem in my day job, but I managed to get my act together and build the new TVBspace site. People don't like changes, so the reception from the readers has been mixed to say the least, but I had to stop spending every evening staring at the news pages because it was taking over my life. Now I can watch a couple of episodes of TVB series with my husband and take things easy for five or six evenings a week without having to worry about spending several hours 'serving the community'. Plus it means that with my recruitment drive for new team members, I am not directly passing any pressure onto them to commit to the stupid levels that I did when I set up the news site. Sheesh, why do I feel I have to justify not doing the news? Hmm...

Been bitten by the buying and selling bug again since I got back from HK and had to list some of the things we'd bought specifically to sell on E-bay (some jelly wrist supports etc). I've always been somewhat of an entrepreneur since I was a kid spending my pocket money on soaps to make into soap baskets and flog to the girls at school, so when I tried flogging some of my junk and found that there are people out there willing to pay good money for stuff that just sits in my cupboards, then I became hooked again! Checking 'My Ebay' has almost become an obsession now, but I think I'd better stop doing it at work before they catch on and I get done for internet abuse. Now I am on the lookout for 'saleable junk' to list. Sometimes it's not really about the profit on these things, because I know that I am not enough of a risk-taker to make this a full time job, but the excitement when you see other people bidding on your stuff (especially stuff that is absolutely no use at all to you or have very little worth) - that's what keeps me going! OK, I need to get out more perhaps.

Through some of my sales, the buyers have been sending me POSTAL ORDERS for payment. I haven't seen one of these since the time I wrote to the MASK comic asking for a female member of VENOM and was awarded £5 for my letter. (I was 11 at the time...) Not much has changed except the picture of the queen looking a little older, but it is just a major blast from the past in this electronic age of money being little more than a few numbers on the screen and a couple of passwords. The nostalgic part of me wants to keep hold of them for posterity, but the cold hard cash element wins every time.

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