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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Countdown to Hong Kong...

Been neglecting everything since I went on hiatus, wonder if I'll get back into the swing of doing the news when I come back from my travels...

There are five more working days (yeah, Saturday and Sunday included) until I head off to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Got my tickets booked for the REM and Sally Yeh concerts as well as some screenings for the Hong Kong Film Festival and will have my camera on standby in case I am lucky enough to run into any celebs. Not getting too excited yet because I still have the remainder of a massive project at work to finish off, but come Tuesday evening I'll no doubt be jumping around like a kid overdosed on chocolate!

Red Nose Day tomorrow...
(click on the nose to donate!)
no doubt the people at work will be round with their buckets asking us to donate some money tomorrow. The senior managers are supposed to be dressing up and doing mad things at work - this should be quite funny. My boss has said we'll be selling cakes and snacks in our department, so I'd better go and raid my cupboards for something to take in... I think I have some chocolate biscuits or something like that.

Hmm... feeling inspired, maybe I should go and practise my news translations (and treat my long suffering readers).

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