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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Snow, Bongos, Little Britain and Chocolate Cake

Another Christmas quietly slips by, but this year has been rather enjoyable for the reasons in the title to this post.

Firstly, it snowed... and snowed and snowed... and snowed some more! As a winter baby, I have a certain fondness of watching the cotton like snow falling and forming a pure crisp white layer over everything and today's splattering was a lovely Christmas present to me from the heavens. Despite it being a little scary driving home from my in-law's place when the car was slipping across two lanes on a main road (luckily there were no cars coming the other way at the time), seeing our driveway carpeted in white when I got home brought out the child in me. Unfortunately as it was absolutely freezing and I have been nursing the remnants of a cold these past couple of days, my husband wouldn't let me go and build a snowman, so I had to settle for taking a couple of snow pics instead.

So I came in and played with my Christmas presents instead. No, you didn't read wrongly, I did indeed get a toy for my main present off my siblings and my brother-in-law, in the forms of Donkey Konga and two sets of bongos to go with the game. This could rapidly take over from Sims as my next big addiction. My husband thinks it will end up like my maracas and Samba di Amigo being shelved after a while, but who knows... maybe this is finally my chance to do something musical with myself! Hehehe....

For those who don't know what Donkey Konga is, here's a link/pic:

Then when my arms got tired, my husband reclaimed the TV and we spent the rest of the evening watching the last four episodes of BBC Three's hit comedy show "Little Britain". It's been such a long time since I've laughed so much at a British TV series and even staying up to watch "The making of Little Britain" and some outtake footage proves how much fun we're having. For any Brits reading this, they will be showing the entire first series on BBC Three on New Year's Day from 9pm onwards, so looks like I won't be going to any New Year's Day parties!

If you're thinking "What the...?", then click on the pic:

Then to round up the day, we tucked into a really scrumptious and very rich Chocolate and fresh cream cake from Slattery's, our local specialist baker, who we have recently discovered and are totally addicted to. Okay, we were stuffed after Christmas Dinner and really shouldn't have eaten it, but what the hey, it's Christmas and we're allowed to indulge!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas too!


Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas, one and all....


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Twenty minutes left of my lunch break and I have nothing to do but sit in the company's internet cafe and do some ramblings on my blog. Moving to one-hour lunches is such a chore, but as I am no longer getting paid for being conscientious and working the extra half an hour, then wittling away the time doing nothing very much is better than wasting my time on doing work that no-one will appreciate anyway.

OK rant over... there lies just 2 hours and 38 minutes between me and my Christmas break. Five whole days off work - aaaah! Bliss! Wonder what I'll be getting up to... if I had it my way, I would stay in bed for the whole time, with the odd break to go and make my tea, play the Sims or go to the loo. Unfortunately, there are family members to see and presents to hand out, so my dream of doing absolutely nothing will have to wait.

Wonder if it will snow this year... the weather people are predicting that there will be a 'splattering' in the North West of England this year, but then again how often do they get it right?


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Five Weddings and a Helicopter

My life hasn't been very interesting lately, so rather than talk about tea cakes and 15 MB spreadsheets, I'll post some more pics of my Sims instead.

This is Tsui Tze Ling in his prime. Good looking dude eh? No wonder he's managed to win the affections of over nine other sims, from Yu Yuet to Frankie Lam and Remington the maid. Well, he is a romance sim, so he can't really help it. The second pic shows him on his wedding day when he was swept off his feet by fellow romantic Si Fei Huen. I didn't manage to get a pic of Tze Ling in his suit as he went and took a bath straight after he got married, but doesn't the bride look lovely in her dress?

Remember the scrawny little offspring of Hung Mo and On Sin - Hong Siu Lung? Well he's grown into a strapping young man, although he is still wearing the mullet from his teenage years and has managed to find himself an intelligent and beautiful wife, that is Nancy Wu. Here he is on his wedding day at the most well attended wedding in Sim TVB City so far, with Leila, Wan Wan all there to witness the occasion and even the passing townie decided to come and sit down to watch the happy couple.

Feeling rather touched by her uncle's wedding, when Sau Ling moved out into her own place upon becoming an adult, she fell in love with Louis, from the newly moved in Koo family and after a lot of petting on the sofa and watching TV together, they fell in love and tied the knot in a quiet ceremony attended by Louis' sister Priscilla. Louis and Sau Ling are now the proud parents of twins Sharon and Sherming and baby Matt.

Onto wedding number 4 and with Priscilla's yearning to 'marry a rich sim' as a Fortune aspiration Sim, then who better to date than the richest bachelor in Sim TVB City, Jack Wu? After Fung moving onto the ghostly realm and Myolie and Nancy moving out, Jack was happy to have some company, so they quickly tied the knot in their back garden one night, witnessed by Priscilla's brother Leo. Leo's housemate Vincent was invited too, but was too busy swimming in the pool to come and watch the ceremony.

Jack and Priscilla didn't waste any time in having kids, especially as Priscilla didn't really have to work in this household, so not long after their wedding day, Raymond was born, soon followed by baby Hawick. Hawick's birth was rather special as it happened whilst Priscilla was outside. Maybe she wanted to use the swimming pool as a birthing pool after the experience of having Raymond!

Where had Myolie gone you may ask... well after reaching the top of her career ladder and becoming TVB City's first business tycoon, she decided to look for some romance in her life and she met Yat Long at one of Jack's house parties, who was rather smitten when he saw Myolie walking around in her bikini after a dip in the hot tub. When Yat Long got home, he couldn't stop thinking about her and despite the age difference, he invited her over and proposed. The rest, you can guess, but their wedding was extremely sweet and Myolie soon gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Bernice!

Being the top bod in Sim TVB City has its perks and Myolie is proud to be the only Sim to be picked up for work in a helicopter! This is so cool, no wonder she doesn't want to retire, even though she is nearly old enough to draw her hefty pension!