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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sim War and Beauty - Part 2
(soon to be renamed "The Adventures of Sim TVB City")

Hmm okay, after some more crazy Sims playing, the saga continues...

With the successful move into Sim TVB City, there is some unrest in the WAB house, especially as I am trying to create some love triangles, then having the other love interest in the house at the same time was proving difficult for Hung Mo and Suen Pak Yeung to build any kind of relationship with the second parties. As a result, when On Sin and Hung Mo's son Hong Siu Lung (I wasn't feeling very inspired) was born and Suen Pak Yeung and Yuk Ying had conceived their daughter Wan Wan, then Yu Yuet and Yee Shun decided that they needed their own space and found a house of their own to live in.

On a visit to their neighbours, the 'Twin of Brothers' Brothers, Yu Yuet had built up quite a relationship with Tsui Tze Ling, despite his long term girlfriend Si Fei Huen having just moved in with him. He lives with his brother Kau Chung, who is married to Yuk Chi. Both Fei Huen and Yuk Chi are currently heavily pregnant and throwing up all over the place. With his pregnant girlfriend at home, it means that the romance-driven Tze Ling has to go elsewhere to 'Woo Hoo', so where better than Yu Yuet's new home? However, after several visits, lots of flirting, hugging and kissing and even an overnight stay, Tze Ling just can't forget that Fei Huen is at home waiting for him and pushes Yu Yuet away at the last minute.

Despite moving away, Yu Yuet can't forget Hung Mo and Yee Shun can't forget Pak Yeung, so after work every night, the first thing they want to do is to invite their old flames over to their swish new pad and do everything possible to make them stay the night. Hot blooded males as they are, Pak Yeung and Hung Mo just can't help but accept and despite their respective wives and kids back home, Hung Mo father's Yu Yuet's son Yat Long, who is born days before Yu Yuet becomes an elder and retires, whilst Suen Pak Yeung and Yee Shun produce Lok Yi and Hoi Yee. However, both men are reluctant to move in or let their wives know what is happening.

Totally oblivious to what is going on, On Sin and Yuk Ying continue in the original house to bring up their kids, but it is tough and they begin to wonder where their husbands are wandering off to every night and leaving them with some well meaning nannies to bring their children through babyhood to childhood. Just as On Sin begins to suspect something, Hung Mo makes a silly move in flirting with the maid and she divorces him on his retirement day from his final job as Vice President of a large operation. Hung Mo is sad to leave On Sin, but with his mind on nothing else but Yu Yuet now and with a young son to care for, he decides to move over to Yu Yuet's home and leave On Sin to bring up Siu Lung herself.

Seeing the hot water Hung Mo is in, Pak Yeung decides to keep very quiet about his affair with Yee Shun and he overcompensates by trying to kiss, cuddle and woo hoo with Yuk Ying at every opportunity. Unfortunately with two small kids running around in the house, this proves rather awkward as on more than one occasion, the kids walk into the bedroom just as they are woohoo-ing and are very upset by what they see. This leaves Wan Wan with a very poor impression of her father indeed and she could be mentally scarred for life. Lots of woo hoo means only one thing - yes, you've guessed it, Yuk Ying is expecting another child.

On Lok Yi's birthday, Yee Shun invites Pak Yeung over to celebrate with him and they buy him a special space age bed as a birthday present. Unfortunately, a little too much brandy in the birthday cake and Yee Shun's new hot tub spell a recipe for disaster as Pak Yeung stays the night again and Yee Shun is sick the following morning....

Some pics:

On Sin plays chess alone as she thinks about Hung Mo. Wan Wan plays the piano in the background.

Newly pregnant Yuk Ying has a craving for pizza

After a long night woo-hooing Pak Yeung just wants to say in bed

Yee Shun relaxes in her hot tub as she thinks about Pak Yeung


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sim War and Beauty - Part 1

Okay, for want of something more interesting than news translations whilst I am resting, I decided to build my own version of "War and Beauty" on the amazing piece of gameware that is Sims 2. So I configured my characters, giving them the aspirations that I felt most fitted them and making three of them adults and three of them teenagers:

Hung Mo - Wealth
On Sin - Knowledge
Yu Yuet - Popularity
Suen Pak Yeung (Teen) - Family
Yee Shun (Teen) - Knowledge
Yuk Ying (Teen) - Romance

The game dictates I have to make the teens the children of someone, so for the purposes of the simulation, Yee Shun and Yuk Ying are On Sin's children and Suen Pak Yeung is Hung Mo's son. Moved them all into an empty plot and because I was a little short on money, they all sleep together in the one big bedroom, but there are three bathrooms in the house so they can all at least fulfil their bladder needs. The beginning of the game is rather mundane as you get your Sims to learn to cook and make a few friends around the neighbourhood. Then I found them all a job. Hung Mo works in business, which ties in nicely with his aspirations, Yu Yuet is a chef and On Sin works in the criminal career track. Suen Pak Yeung is a young medic (naturally), Yee Shun is a young entrepreuner and after getting sacked from being a criminal and being a kitchen assistant, Yuk Ying has finally landed herself a job in a lab as a test subject.

Now for the interesting bit - the romance! Even with little encouragement from me, Suen Pak Yeung quickly fell in love with both Yee Shun and Yuk Ying and it was Yee Shun whom he gave his first kiss to. However, after a little flirting with Yuk Ying whilst Yee Shun was in the same room as him and a quick slap on the cheek, Yee Shun's affections for him quickly fell to zero and he turned his attentions to Yuk Ying. As he is still a teen and unable to 'Woo Hoo' with her yet, (for non-Sims players, to 'Woo Hoo' with another Sim results in babies one in three times) the most I can make them do is have them kiss and cuddle until they grow up in about 20 days time (that's about 10 hours in real game playing time). In the meantime I am trying to get Suen Pak Yeung to rebuild his relationship with Yee Shun whilst Yuk Ying isn't around and that way I can get the two girls to fight over him, but this is proving a little difficult whilst Yee Shun is ignoring him.

As for the other love affair among my adults, Hung Mo started out working different hours from the two ladies, so whilst he was out working and the kids were at school, On Sin and Yu Yuet have become very good friends, especially after dancing together for about five hours on one particular day. Due to her personality trait, Yu Yuet just wants to meet more and more people, so she isn't really too interested in Hung Mo right now, just making as many friends as she can from the townies, even trying to chat up the maid and the delivery person. As for Hung Mo, he bought a love tub in an attempt to try and get friendly with On Sin on her day off, but after a whole day cuddling and massaging in the tub, when the hypnotising effects of the candles wore off, they became little more than best friends and no matter how much flirting Hung Mo tries with her, she does not seem to want to accept his affections.

So that's how they stand at the moment, I am quite surprised at how it's turned out and it leads me to suspect that this may be a method used by the TVB scriptwriters when they write their storylines. Programme a load of characters into the Sims and then just turn their experiences into a storyline. What a fantastic way to make blockbusters.

Sorry to anyone who read all that and doesn't have the foggiest about what I am talking about - maybe you should try playing the Sims! For anyone one who wants to know what happens next, watch this space!! hahaha....


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Froggy's been prescribed a break. The doctor says that Froggy's been too stressed out recently and needs some time to rearrange her life a little and recover from the recent ups and downs of life in the well, so he has given his permission to take some time out away from the well and find the enjoyment in life once more. Unfortunately, Froggy's been in the well for too long and even though it is dark and damp and riddled with nasty toads in there, she still feels really bad and guilty when she isn't there. Froggy's family tell her that she shouldn't be so silly and she should enjoy the comfort of the grassy bank and the still sunny lily pond while she can and before she's forced back into the well, but Froggy's brain is too confused and her body too exhausted to be able to sit back and relax.



What's your favourite fruit?

You have selected orange.

If orange is your favorite fruit; it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly; but very thoroughly and are completely undaunted by hard work. You tend to be shy; but are a reliable and trustworthy friend. You have an aesthetic bent of mind. You select your partner with care and you love with all your heart, and are not in for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs.