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Monday, August 30, 2004

When someone departs this life forever to move onto the next realm, a reality check hits home and you realise once again that there is so much to do in this lifetime, but so little time to do it in. When the sadness and the void passes, then you remind yourself that it's time to think a little more selfishly and look out for yourself and those around you. Whilst I am full of admiration for those people who can live out their lives giving their all to others, unfortunately I am a mere mortal and even if I come back in the next life as a fly or am destined to eke out eternity in the 18th level of damnation, then at least I've had a good time while I am on this earth.

Unfortunately, I have to go to work tomorrow....


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sigh! What a summer it is proving to be...
As I write, the rain crashes down on the conservatory roof once again and I wonder when we are going to get some more settled weather. More importantly, is the sun going to be shining for this Saturday's company fun day? Here's hoping that it does, otherwise there will be a few thousand very wet people getting stuck in a muddy field, wondering whether this free day out was worth it after all...
It was a nice gesture by the company I suppose, with a music festival, fun and games, rides for the kids and a trip to a stately home. Just a shame that this happens to be the wettest August for a long time here in the UK.
Fingers crossed!

With the arrival of my exercise bike last week, I have been adding a cycling regime to my slimming programme, attempting to cycle at least 8km four times a week. It's not too bad at the weekend, but after a long day at work, the last thing I am inclined to do is strenuous exercise. My colleague commented on my health food fad today, saying he was surprised I didn't have apples growing inside me, because I drink so much fruit juice all the time at work and I have my daily banana as my mid afternoon snack. No obvious changes yet, but I guess it's early days... just gotta keep the motivation up!

Frog job's taken a turn for the worse - trust my company to be one of those where a promotion means that you take a pay cut. Work that one out!
Oh well, maybe if I keep at this for a couple more years, I might even be back to where I was before I took the promotion. What a mad mad world we all live in...
Only in the UK are you told to "Take all your break entitlements!" whether you want to or not. I asked my boss what I am supposed to do for the other half an hour when I have finished eating, I was told to go home and walk the dog!
Hmm... slight flaws:
1. I don't have a dog.
2. It takes me longer than half an hour to get home and back.

Ah well, it ain't all bad.
At least I have my family, my home, my TVB series....

"To Catch the Uncatchable" is surprisingly addictive in a no-brainer kind of way. Despite being quite sceptical when I watched the first episode, I actually found myself enjoying the show and getting a good laugh from it sometimes. This is rather strange, because I didn't really like "War of the Genders", but I guess I have a good impression of Dayo because I have watched his stand up stuff and he is excellent on stage. The 'So Gun' show with Cheung Tat Ming and Francis Ng had me in stitches. Definitely recommended!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Wow... what storms we're having here at the moment!!
Can you believe this is the scene in London:

Luckily the water level here in Manchester is only a few centimetres deep, but even the short walk from the office to the car park this afternoon left me soaked through two layers of clothing, even with a raincoat on top! With the hot humid weather and listening to the raindrops pattering on the conservatory roof through my half open window (I gave into the risk of insects because my room became so suffocating), it almost feels like I am living in some tropical country like Malaysia or Hong Kong during a monsoon. Definitely NOT the great British weather as we know it.

I have a great fascination with watching rainstorms for some reason, looking for the lightning flashes and then counting the distance before the thunder rolls... (from the safety of my house I might add) and my hubby explains this is because I am a dragon and we revel in the wind and rain. Possibly explains my love for rainbows as well, but something about the patter patter of the rain on the window is quite therapeutic for me. He, on the other hand is a tiger, who would rather hide away in the warmth of his lair and wait until the sun comes out so he can bask in the sunshine! Hahaha...