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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Mindless endorsement...

I finally dropped by into the Manchester branch of Harvey Nicks a few weeks ago whilst waiting for my Yo! Sushi order at the Selfridges next door and after being hassled by the animal rights activists outside who were telling people to boycott the store because it sold fur, I wandered in amid stares from the rather snooty sales assistants who scanned you with their eyes to see whether you were a genuine customer (loaded) or just a curious passer-by (me) before they made a decision about whether or not to impress you with their amazing butt-licking skills. Fortunately, my Next jacket and Baleno jeans didn't manage to raise any eyebrows and I quickly skimmed past the accessory and cosmetics departments to the escalators.

The reason for my visit was to take a look at the foodcourt, after loosely promising to buy jo and lepra some overpriced instant noodles in a Harvey Nicks carrier bag as a souvenir. To get there, you have to take two escalators and take a short walk through the ladieswear department. You can walk through either the shoe department or the 'sale reductions' section to get to the second escalator. On that occasion, I walked through the sale department and just for a laugh, I decided to look at the aisle labelled "Up to 60% off". I picked up a little blue t-shirt that I could probably get next door in Marks and Spencer for about ?7 and my eyes nearly popped out. I quickly threw the hanger back on the rack and sneaked away chuckling to myself. "Reduced! Was ?64.99 Now ?40" the ticket read.

Anyway, another couple of minutes later after trying desperately not to laugh at a lady on the second escalator who was wearing a set of designer labels that made her look so trashy that Dame Edna looked stylish in comparison, I finally found the foodcourt and it felt quite belittling as I wandered into the silver and grey decor of this overpriced and totally pretentious upper class supermarket. "Should I get a basket?" I thought to myself. I decided not to, because that would mean I was committing to buying something. So instead, I just wandered in with a 'Japanese Tourist' mentality and looked at everything on the shelf looking amazed and intrigued. In fact I was merely shocked at how they could justify charging these prices for this stuff.

I found the instant noodles, not that I had any intention of buying them, even more so after looking at the price tag. ?1.50 - I can buy five of them for that price if I walk 10 minutes into Chinatown or three minutes if I jump onto the free shuttlebus. So I wandered around looking for something else that I could buy instead for this sought after Harvey Nicks carrier bag. After circling the foodcourt three times, I finally found these:

Still overpriced, but at least they will come in handy for me at work and compared to the 25p that the works canteen charges for a PG Tips tea bag then it is a snip at ?2.30 for 20. So away I went with some of these Yamamotoyama Tea Bags, the tea from which I am currently drinking and inspired me to write this totally pointless blog entry. However, they are a great alternative to fizzy drinks and come in a lot of different varieties that I am currently working through. Any reason for another trip back to Harvey Nicks and another prestigious carrier bag!!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The frog's on her way up the well again... well, she has found a path that might lead to a better position and now all she has to do is to follow it and see whether it proves to be a safe one or just another slippery road back to where she came from. A few other frogs on a higher ledge are egging her on to make the journey, saying how safe this new position is and how it can lead to even better perches nearer to the sunlight on the top of the well. As she prepares to try the journey in the coming days, she feels confident, but will the leap be too far for her little legs to handle?


Sunday, February 22, 2004

My first proper day off in weeks and weeks...

So what did I do?
Well, hubby and I spent a couple of hours scouring all the electrical shops in Bury looking for a new vacuum cleaner after I broke our original one yesterday. How difficult can that be? More difficult than we first envisaged as every store was sold out of the model we wanted and in the end we gave up and came home. Ordered it off the internet instead - so much easier! And they wonder why the high street retail businesses are losing out to e-commerce!!

Then I spent most of the rest of the day catching up with my translations! Yes, I managed to translate 15 episode summaries for "Triumph in the Skies". About time really, but it helps that I am watching it so I know what I am writing about. Two to go, couldn't face any more after four hours of typing!! Now, go read them here....

Ended the day watching the third and final part of "Infernal Affairs". I just love all the twists in this story, great stuff and the storyline is definitely on a par with the Hollywood blockbusters like "Mission Impossible". We watched the second one (the prequel) yesterday, so it has been a bit of an IA weekend for us. I liked the suspense in the second one a lot more than the first and third, but of course the eye candy is so much better in the third one! Oh and the revelations at the end just blow "The Matrix" into oblivion.

Back to work tomorrow...... weekends just pass far too quickly!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Finally getting to some more regular hours this week, so taking the chance to catch up on my TVB watching and reduce that pile of tapes that I haven't had time to get through. Only just making my way through "Triumph in the Skies" at the moment and now I have gotten over Francis' poor English, the travelogue scenes and the initial overhype that shrouds the show, I am beginning to appreciate some of the subtleties of the series and the niceties in the storyline. Now I understand why the popularity of the show shot through the roof. Along the same lines of 'Square Pegs', you really have to hold a mentality of watching a cartoon when you watch it. The reason? It's because all the characters are so 'nice'. There isn't a 'bad guy' as such and it's all just a load of fun and games. Oh and planes and good looking guys in uniforms help as well... hehehe

There's another job at work that my boss has suggested I apply for. It's quite a jump from what I am doing at the moment, so I am not holding much hope again, but it's worth a try I guess. You never know, one of these days I might actually get that frog job.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentines Day!

Unfortunately I am due back in work again in nine hours time.... then I have to shoot out to town to buy some sushi and a valentines card for my hubby before spending a few hours with him before I get picked up in the evening to go back to work at my parents' place on Sunday. Work (in all its forms) has been really packed out lately, doing ten hour days and working six or seven days a week is taking its toll on me. At half past four this afternoon, faced with the choice of staying and doing more work or going home and getting some rest, I opted for the latter and sneaked away before my boss caught me and handed me more stuff to do. Sod it, I can catch up tomorrow!

I got a new PC on Sunday... my bro built it for me, so now I can finally surf the net, do the news, chat on MSN, play scrabble/literati and listen to net radio without the PC packing up and kicking me out or hanging and making me kick its butt. It also means that I can finally muster enough memory together to be able to play the Sims without having to wait half an hour for it to do something. However, this means I need to build up my neighbourhoods again, so I am creating a Sim TVB City of my own now. Wonder how the relationships will pan out with my characters. Some interesting starts so far, Sim Kenix Kwok is currently a junior officer in the military and Sim Aaron Kwok is a wedding singer, whilst Sim Roger Kwok is a white water rafting guide! Maybe I should write some plot synopses for teeveebee. Let's see how a few more hours of gameplay will change things!

I got some feedback after delivering a training presentation to some managers today that I spoke with a very monotone voice when I was presenting. When I was reflecting on the comment, it made me think about why my English speaking was so poor in comparison to my Cantonese. Then I remembered that Cantonese was actually my first spoken language, because I didn't actually learn to speak English until I started nursery school at the age of three. I'll use that as my excuse next time! Hahaha!

Better snatch some sleep before I head back to work.... sigh!


Thursday, February 12, 2004

So tired!!
My work is never done...................

And reviving my Sims at night doesn't help either!


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Monday, February 02, 2004

Twenty-eight ... to me, it's a nice age to be! Not quite in my thirties and having to start acting all responsible and not quite a kid either! Today wasn't anything very special as I had to go to work, but my boss brought in some goodies for the team and we had a sort of Em's birthday/late Eid party. This evening will be a quiet one.... we had a special dinner on Saturday evening because I thought I might have to do OT today. Luckily I don't, so I am happy about that!

My hubby bought me a really cool present this year. The pic says it all!! I can see myself going nuts with my camera and these figures! My favourites are still those bum aliens and the Arale with the poo on a stick.

Oh... and he bought me some flowers as well:

Birthday wishes? If I tell you then they won't come true..... hehehe!


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