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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

It's New Year's Eve... I should be writing something deep and profound or reviewing the events of the past year, but a mixture of an overworked immune system and four days worth of cold remedy lingering in my veins means that my brain isn't in best form at the moment. So instead, my review of 2003 will be a bit like my original 'emspace thoughts' page - random floaty cloudy reflections.

HK Entertainment

If you read my news sites, you'll know what an eventful year it has been in Hong Kong and in particular my field of interest in the entertainment industry. My tributes are in my translations, so I will not detail the incidents here, but through starting up my news sites this year, it has made me feel that I have contributed in my own little way in bringing the colourful industry to a wider audience.

On a more self-centred note: building the sites, keeping them going, getting feedback from the readers, seeing them grow - it has brought me the satisfaction of achievement and provided me with a means to channel my interest and intrigue towards an industry that I would most likely be working with, if I had followed my heart instead of my head. Maybe in a parallel universe where I turned left instead of turning right, or if I failed an exam instead of passing it, then I am out there as a journalist chasing the stars and getting a thrill every day. People say I am generous with what I do, but in fact I do it more for myself than anyone else!

Real Work

Let's talk frogs.
Em the Frog started the year on a ledge, but it was crumbling. It was also about to be taken over by a toad who had some frog followers of his own. So she had no choice but to leap back to the safe bottom and look for another way up to the top of the well. Thanks to the guidance of a wiser and more experienced frog whom she was lucky enough to cross the path of, Em-frog embarked on another route up the wall of the well. Jumping from ledge to ledge, she found that this route was not as difficult as ones she had been through before, but the walls were still slippery and the platforms unstable. One wrong webbed foot and she would be splat back on the bottom, but even that safe haven was becoming polluted and unpleasant as panic started to break out among the frogs there who were enjoying the comfortable life. As another year in the smelly well draws to a close, Em-frog has found a relatively safe ledge to settle in for the winter. However, when the days grow warmer and the other frogs find the energy to climb up to her refuge, Em-frog will have to start looking to move on once again...

Study... or the lack of it

I passed all my exams for my course and finished with a merit, although at this moment in time I am still finding that it was all a rather pointless exercise. I keep saying to myself: "That's it, no more studying for me now. No more exams, no more stress." but then I find myself looking for the next course to apply for. The Cantonese call it 'jeen gwat tou' - sucker for punishment. I will choose carefully though, I don't have too much money to spend on studying at the moment.


Sad to many, but a passion for me. This year has seen my lifelong obsession with TVB and everything it signifies being hauled into the spotlight, through my website, through the forums and of course through watching more productions.
TVB highlights for me:
- meeting so many fellow fanatics who have made me realise that being a TVB freak is nothing to be ashamed of
- making contact with some stars who are lovely people and thoroughly deserve our support
- long time fave star Roger Kwok getting the recognition that he has worked so hard for
- some great series, including "The W Files", "Not Just A Pretty Face", "Point of No Return", "King of Yesterday and Tomorrow", "Survivor's Law" and "Virtues of Harmony 2"


Once again, the heavens have been looking after my family who mean so much to me and I offer my thanks to the higher entity who has been watching over us all, keeping everyone happy and well.


I have 'met' so many new people in 2003....
I do not know what most of them look like, never heard their voices or spoken to them, I don't know how tall they are or if they have any quirky gestures, yet I can still regard them as my friends. Perhaps this is a just a feature of the electronic revolution and 'e-friends' will come and go just like the other people you encounter in your lifetime, but for me at least, being able to get to know so many people from around the world, from all walks of life and share a little of our lives together has been a highlight of my year.

As for my old friends, my resolution for 2004 is to try harder in getting and staying in contact - even if it means I'll have to get some mileage in or visit the post office a few more times through the year.

Happy New Year to all my friends - old and new, 'real' and 'virtual', young and old, in and out of touch!

Em leads such a simple life, that way things tend to be happier.....

Monday, December 29, 2003

Christmas is but a faraway thought.....
Went to watch Return of the King on Boxing Day after fighting with a few million people (ok slight exaggeration) at the Trafford Centre in the sales. Managed to pick up a few things, including a throat infection that I have been lumbered with since. Normally I can cope with these things, but when it moves into my ears and I can't sit up without feeling dizzy, then it is not a good thing.

So decided to take my first sick day off work in 13 months today. I still can't hear very well though and I now seem to have developed an annoying cough.

Bah bah bah!

The entertainment world had two more losses today - Anita Mui and Bob Monkhouse....
so sad.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Today is that 'nothing' kinda day... not quite Christmas yet, but you're already so hyped up about having a whole FOUR DAYS off work that you don't really care and can't be bothered doing very much at all. Not even making sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch, not to mention doing any work! Luckily our boss seemed quite happy with our project progress report today, so he kinda overlooked the fact that we were sitting around 'working the British way' for the last hour today!

Had our first snowfall here last night! Didn't last very long, but it was bloomin' freezing! The forecast is rain, rain and more rain... so looks like it will be another grey and wet Christmas here this year. Luckily, I have stashed up on a supply of "Point of No Return", "Virtues of Harmony" and "Hearts of Fencing" to keep me company over the holidays. Trust TVB to brighten up my day!

I've been racking my brains for something to blog about recently, but my inspiration has been rather low... hence my absence. Maybe if I go and make something to eat, then my braincells might kick into action. Either that, or I need to go into hibernation for a month or two... I'm sure I must have been either a bear or a reptile in a previous life!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Aaaah just one piece of news tonight and a chance to get some rest! So what do I go and find, but a new toy to add to my collection of internet freebies right here on my blog. Picture tagboard - think of all the possibilities! Just glad it's not found a home on the news site, otherwise it will have pictures of numerous stars on there in no time and would begin to resemble the signatures on a certain TV fans discussion forum. Eek!

There is another cold bug going around at work at the moment. Of my four fellow team members, three are suffering at the moment so I am overdosing on the caffeine and vitamin C in an attempt to avoid it. Last thing I need is to be ill over Christmas, especially when I have to go back to a house full of young kids on Christmas Eve at my Grandma's annual gathering. Then again, they will all probably be full of some bug or other anyway, seeing as schools are even worse than open plan offices when it comes to spreading germs. We made a complaint about the aircon vents blowing out freezing air today, they can't switch the vents off unfortunately, so what grand idea does someone come up with? "I know, let's wrap cling film around the vents! I'll bring some in tomorrow..."
I await tomorrow's scenes with reserved amusement.

Currently suffering from TVB withdrawl symptoms after exhausting my last supply of tapes and having to wait until this weekend before I can go and get some more. I am not sure what to watch next... I have a choice of 'Triumph in the Skies', 'Point of No Return' and 'Hearts of Fencing'. Must say though none of them really take my fancy at this moment in time. I am looking forward to 'Riches and Stitches' that should be out in the next few weeks, but it will be a while before the whole lot is out for me to watch in one go. I am impatient when it comes to series, I prefer them in big chunks!

A week and a day until Christmas... still contemplating whether or not to do some more overtime during the weekend of 27th and 28th though. It will do wonders for the holiday fund, but then again the prospect of a four day weekend is so so attractive. Money or sleep? Decisions, decisions!

After much pondering over the question of "What do you want for Christmas?" and aside from the rather unrealistic (but brutally honest answers) of a new kitchen, a Toyota Yaris, a winning lottery ticket and my own paradise island with a private jet, I have come up with three items that I would like that my family and friends may be able to afford:

Spiral bound note-book diary with week down one side and notes page down the other.... yes, I am very particular when it comes to diaries.

Totes Toasties - they keep my feet warm in winter! Mmmmm....

Thermos mug with lid to keep my tea warm at my desk that is currently in Arctic conditions.

Thanking you in advance - especially if you decide to opt for a present in the first list....

Monday, December 15, 2003

Okay... I give in too easily. The tagboard is back because I was missing my daily dose of humour from there. So much that I even felt the drive to write a piece for teeveebee.

I must learn not to bow down to requests so easily. I hope you are happy now jo!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Woah, still feeling a bit bloated after two major meals on Friday and Saturday. (At the same restaurant as well... the people there must think we are mad!) That's one good thing about the festive season, you have the perfect excuse to stuff yourself silly and then console yourself by saying that the diet can start in the new year! Yeah right...

I took the tagboard off the news site last night, because it was getting a bit silly. All this tit for tat bashing this artist or that artist and then even each other. I think it is about time these people calmed down a bit and also learned some manners and respect for each other. I am undecided at the moment as to whether or not to reinstate it, but it seems a waste as I have paid for it. Maybe give it a break for a few days and then put it back with a bit of a warning over it. Seems crazy that I have to mod a tagboard, some people just take it all so seriously! Maybe the whole news site should carry a government health warning - not for those of a sensitive disposition, fiery nature or anyone displaying obsessive behaviour towards fa-daans. It's so weird how the arguments are always about the female stars... maybe something in the female (and female fans) genetic structure makes them more prone to bitchiness. Meeow!!

What if the tables were turned, it might turn out something like this:

Ronnie:I love Ron and I think he is the best looking guy ever... not like Sammul who has sticky out ears!
smellie:How dare you diss my Samm.... he has more experience and is much better looking.
bystander: RAYMOND IS DA BOMB!
RON IS UGLY: he should go back to being a dancer
Ronnie: go to **** smellie. Sammul is smelly like you and Raymond
Ronnie: Raymond fans not even brave enough to show your real identity.
arpel: please do not use this tagboard to argue
Trump: In my opinion Raymond is the most experienced and best actor, but I think that Ron is still good and so is Sammul. But IMHO I don't really like Bosco, do you think he is being promoted too much?
smellie: Bosco is good, you should give him a chance...
smellie: Sammul is the best looking guy. Ronnie, if you can't form a proper argument then don't bother.
smellie: I am just supporting Sammul because someone hates my fave star.
v.v: Who is Bosco?
toad: Everyone here sucks!

(useful aid to anyone who is missing the tagboard!)

Good night!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

[Originally posted 9th December, but it just wasn't to be....]

Aargh! I hate it when Blogger eats my entries..... here I go again and this time I will copy it before I hit that publish button!

Another week and time has flown because I actually have plenty of work to keep me occupied during those long hours at work. And I am enjoying it as well, which is a bonus. Then when I come home, I do the news, eat and then write a couple of Christmas cards and before I know it the evening is done.

Talking of Christmas cards, I braved the Christmas Shopping crowds and went out to town on Saturday to post my cards. Yeah, this year I decided to be more organised and actually have them posted before the last posting date! I got a surprise when I got to the post office, because what I remember to be a rather grand looking main post office in Manchester is just the shell of what it used to be. The queues on a Saturday would usually be out of the door, but I managed to get served within minutes and you can't even find a post box any more. Instead, there is a sign over the sealed post box that tells you to 'Hand your mail to the postman in the main foyer'. Except he isn't in the foyer, he is at the end of the row of counters.

I have to admit though, I have contributed in some way to the decline of this great British institution. In my youth, I used to write an average of five letters a week to my penfriends and friends, but now I barely write five letters a year. Thanks to the electronic revolution, the twenty pounds a month I used to spend on stamps has now been put towards my broadband connection, through which I can still communicate with friends, albeit in a more impersonal manner and in most cases get a more speedy response. Internet interaction has killed the postal industry.

Talking of Christmas, I am pleased to say I am almost sorted. Dug out the wrapping paper this evening, for some reason every year I buy more and don't use it all so I keep it in the cupboard and have ended up with about six rolls of wrapping paper. Working next to a greetings card factory doesn't help, because we can get the stuff cheap from the factory store! I'll wander over there and get some gift ribbon tomorrow before I forget... thing is that with the cold weather, it's hard to find the motivation to walk down there when I could be nice and warm in the office! Must remember an extra pair of socks tomorrow.... brrr......

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I am definitely a late night person...... despite a resolve to go to bed early to try and kick start my body clock back to waking up early, I still find myself lying in bed wide-eyed and bushy tailed at 2am and then having to heave myself out of bed again at 7:30. The dark winter mornings don't help either. Definitely need to emigrate somewhere where it's warmer and preferably where I don't need to get up early to go to work.

Currently watching another repeat of "Interview with the Vampire" on TV. It still remains one of my all time favourite movies, despite having watched it about 20 times. Well, apart from the obvious eye candy, the story is so compelling that I never tire of it. Something about the look of the show and its construction just draws me to it every time.

Also been catching up on "Seed of Hope" recently. Apart from the usual TVB cliches, it's not a bad series. The kids did a great job and despite my initial reservations about 'all round nice guy Nick' played by Patrick Tam, he ended up growing on me towards the end of the series. Kenix did her usual stuff and it was nice to see Ming Sir on TV again. He's getting old now, but he is still one of my favourite classic stars.