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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Well finally made it to my time off 'real' work, but will be spending the next 11 days camping out at my parent's shop whilst they head off on their jollies. Oh such are the joys of a family business - at least I get to surf the net and watch TVB whilst I work so it isn't that bad I guess. I really should spend the time revising seein as I have my final exams in just over two weeks time, but going off my past record this does not seem very likely. Looks like it will be a last minute job once again....

Got to know some of my readers this week after the chat box took off and people started going in there. It's nice to see that there are people my age who are crazy about TVB as well so I'm not alone in the world! It's also nice to find out that there are some of you out there who still read this blog as well, so I have found some new inspiration to keep posting in here and share my little world with you!

I finished watching Roger Kwok's series "Not Just A Pretty Face" this week. I really enjoyed it. Kinda modern day fable about how beauty is on the inside, lot of hammy acting and unbelievable plotlines, but a bunch of nice down to earth twists and some great performances from Roger, Joey and in particular Kevin Cheng and Lee See Jeet's Dog Dog made it really good to watch. I'd read (and translated) a lot about how nasty Roger's character is and how he tried to imitate Jim Carrey's performance in the show and after seeing it for myself and being a great fan of both actors, I liked it a lot. The other refreshing thing about the show was that it surprised you when they broke through your expectations. Roger's nasty character wasn't nasty to the core, even before he was reformed and Kevin's rich bloke wasn't maliciously playing the dating scene, but he genuinely wanted the best of three worlds and didn't know how to handle it. Add in there the fact that everyone in the show had a hidden motive and it goes to reflect real life where there "Gallen-esque" thoroughly good people are few and far between!

Hmm... what shall I watch next?


Saturday, September 13, 2003

I am experiencing a rather strange but common phenomena. It's called "Selective Sleeping Syndrome" and symptoms include mysteriously becoming extremely drowsy when I am faced with proper work and supposed to be studying, but as soon as I put down the notepad for a study break or to wander onto the net for a little while, I am suddenly wide awake. Yet when i decide it's time to get on with that blasted essay, then the sleepiness sets in again and I find myself writing totally incoherent sentences on the paper again. Whilst this condition is not life threatening, it is seriously impeding my ability to complete this last assignment that I am ever going to subject myself to again. (Apart from my exams in October that is.......) I ask myself once again - whatever possessed me to take this course???

So I have given up for the night - what shall I do instead?
Well, I could go to sleep, that might be a good idea so I wake up alive and refreshed ready to face my essays again. Ha ha in an ideal world maybe. I could carry on watching my tapes, after all "In the Realm of Success" has been sitting next to my video for absolutely ages and it's about time I actually finished watching it and returned them. Or I could watch the Vanilla Sky DVD that I've rented from a free trial of Online DVD Rentals that I got as a present off Freeserve - how kind of them - and I need to send back before my hubby can get his choice of Final Destination 2. Or I could do the prep for the next essay I have to write on Management Styles.... or just waste time and chat to people online like I usually do. So many distractions............ *sigh*

Actually I am pretty whacked at the moment. Working on Saturdays is quite draining because with having Mondays off instead, the fact that it is a weekday means that I tend to be doing more on my days off than if it was a Saturday and after another 5 days at work, it's quite tiring. Maybe I ought to get myself back into shape - at this moment in time I really don't know how I managed to do 21 days straight without a day off when I used to work in retail. Or maybe I am just getting old and starting to feel the strain!

Brain switching off - more blogging soon....

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

This is how I am feeling at the moment - like Psyduck with a splitting headache and a sore neck. I think I really ought to head off to bed soon, but my constant neglect for this blog bugs me. So here I am with a short post.

I felt a bit like Charlie Brown before, you know when his kite gets eaten by the Kite-Eating Tree and he looks up to the sky and screams "Aargh!" - the reason? Pet hate number 1 - people nicking my translations and not saying where they are from. I've gotten better about it now but it still seriously annoys me. Luckily, I know people in high places who help sort them out... hehehe.....

Then when I went off in search of Charlie Brown on Google, I wandered onto the official site and found some classic strips to cheer myself up a bit, so that's okay. Here's one I like, hope this works....

They say that most people can identify with one of the peanuts characters and I can definitely identify with Lucy. She's the eldest in the family (so am I) to a rather docile little brother Linus (like mine) and a younger brother Rerun with a bit of an attitude (like my sis). Lucy is rather smart (*nod nod*) and rather entrepreneurial (yup) and most of all, she can be really nice to you one minute and then turn really crabby if her mood isn't right. (Yes, me to a tee...... hahahahaha)