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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Look who I bumped into...

On my shortest trip to Hong Kong yet, I didn't actively go star-spotting because I had a load of other rushing around to do, sorting stuff and seeing various relatives, but I just seem to have some affinity with the world of TVB. Either that, or there is just too much filming going on in public there. Anyway, I was out in Tsimshatsui, visiting my usual haunt at the Silvercord food court (does cracking ramen and a half decent curry for my hubby), when we spotted a few TVB vans parked alongside Kowloon Park. Didn't think much of it really as we thought it was just the news crew out and about, but later when we went to meet my in-laws, we spotted a bit of a crowd alongside Park Lane on Nathan Road. I crossed the road to see what was happening and easily spotted Moses Chan - although he didn't seem quite as tall as he seems on the telly - but I couldn't quite make out who the girl was. So I hung around for a few minutes as they shot and re-shot the take and it was only when they'd finished and we had a chance to get a bit closer that I realised it was Gigi Lai. Unfortunately, I'd left my camera at the hotel, so I only had my mobile with me to snap a couple of quick shots, but the pics turned out pretty good. The crew were shooing people away, so I didn't stick around much longer. Have to add though that when Gigi clocked me taking photos of her, she gave me a really friendly smile!

I later found out that they were shooting for their new series "Tung Tin Gon Tam" (roughly translates as 'Psychic Cop'), where Gigi plays a goofy designer character, hence the specs and braces (for the Yanks - retainer). Moses is a cop, but you'd kinda guessed that right?

As for the rest of my trip, it was spent seeing people, shopping and eating. We really splashed out on food this time - for example: four of us sharing nine seafood courses in Sai Kung spending over HK$1000 between us, but well worth every penny! Something about eating food that was still swimming half an hour beforehand....
very Chinese!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sir Alan Rocks!

The only TV programme that I actively tune in to watch nowadays is the BBC's answer to the hit American show "The Apprentice", starring the Brit's equivalent of Donald Trump, Sir Alan Sugar and his band of wannabe apprentices. The British version of the show isn't quite as polished or dramatised as its American counterpart, but the excellent choice of candidates by the producers means it's still fab viewing, even though I definitely wouldn't hire half of the people on the show for a four-figure salary.

This week's task was one quite close to my own heart, retailing on the high street. After three and a half years of 'been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and nearly didn't survive', it was quite satisfying seeing these people who are supposed to be la creme de la creme suffer so badly when dealing with the public. One other thing I love about this year's teams is how differently they interact within the team dynamic. One team are all fluffy and lovey-dovey, whereas the other all hate each other's guts - like Sir Alan, I find this team so intriguing. On one hand, you want to just slap them all into shape and tell them to stop bloomin' arguing, but on the other hand, you get a bit of a buzz watching them turning the dagger into each other's backs. Fantastic!

Oh and I am so glad that the strategists have been cleared out early on - business is all about the selling and the execution, not coming up with a plan that is wholly unrealistic and full of pretentious jargon!

6 weeks left to go... getting exciting now.
Wonder if they'll show the American one after this finishes.